Lions end in tie against Anderson University

Lions end in tie against Anderson University

LOCATION: Schueler Field (Cincinnati, OH)


Both teams showcased their spectacular defense in this match. Neither team was able to connect with the goal in the first half. The Lions got on the board first to take the lead but Anderson quickly countered to tie the game up, leading to overtime. Neither team was able to make strong plays at the goal during the two overtime periods, resulting in a 1-1 tie.


The Lions started off the first half very aggressive and making plays at the goal. Anderson kept the Lions on their toes but neither team was able to find the net. The score was knotted at zero going into the half. The Lions continued to attack the net and Etelle Nfor (Frankfort, Ky / Western Hills) connected with the net in the 73rd minute to put the Lions up 1-0. Anderson quickly countered in the 76th minute with a high arching goal to stun the Lions. The Mount kept the pressure on the Ravens but were unfortunately unable to score, leading to overtime. In the first overtime period both teams' defenses prevented any momentum at the net. In the second overtime period the Lions didn't let the Ravens take a shot at the net but neither of their two attempts at the net would connect, resulting in a 1-1 tie.


Nfor earns the LionHearted Performance for her goal in the 73rd minute to give the Lions the lead. The goal was her 7th of the 18-19 season.


The Lions return to Schueler Field this Wednesday 10/10 at 7:30PM to take on Transylvania University in another conference matchup. Check for more updates on the Lions season!