Dear Student-Athlete,

Welcome back for another exciting year at the Mount!  The MSJU Healthcare Team has been looking forward to seeing you again so we can help you stay healthy and perform at your very best for your upcoming season.  In order for us to stay up to date with your current medical history and any past injury history we need you to get into your ATS account and verify that all of your information is correct.  Follow these step by step directions and you should be completed in no time.


  1.  Follow this link: ATS Log In Page
  • Click the ATS Athlete Portal(middle button) 
  • Log in using your previously created username and password.  If you have forgotten your username or password please contact your team athletic trainer.  The database name is: atsmsj
  • After you log in you will see your athlete dashboard.  Click Athlete Information
  1. You will now be looking at your demographic information page under the GENERAL tab. Check to make sure all of this information is correct and up to date.  
  • Be sure to update address, phone number, or other changes.  
  • If there are NO changes to be made you can click the VERIFY button at the bottom of the page.
  • If you DO make changes click SAVE after you have made the changes.  THEN after verifying everything is correct you can click VERIFY.
  • Continue to do this for each of these tabs: MEDICAL HISTORY, INSURANCE, and CONTACTS.
  • To make changes to any of your information use the sub header buttons Add, Edit, Delete, and Refresh.
*Alert* you must have current health insurance to participate in athletics. Please make sure this information is accurate and up to date
  1. Now you are ready to update, verify, and sign your waivers.  

Click on the FORMS tab.  Use the dropdown box to select one of the forms listed below:

i.      Pre-Participation

ii.      Notice of Privacy Practices

iii.      Acknowledgement and Waiver of Risk

iv.      Emergency Treatment Waiver

v.      Concussion Policy Acknowledgement and Waiver

vi.      Sickle Cell Trait Waiver

  1. You will then select the most recent date in the Date drop down box.  This will open up your most recently completed form. 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click VERIFY
  • A pop-up window will instruct you to verify that all information is correct, sign the form, and save the signature.
  • Look through the forms, read the information again, make any changes or edits that have changed since you last participated in athletics at the Mount.
  • Click VERIFY again to submit the form
  • Continue to do this for each of the above listed forms.

You can easily track which forms you have completed successfully by clicking on the PAPERWORK tab. If you check here and all of the boxes under “Submitted” or “Verified” are checked you have completed your physicals paperwork.

That’s it! See you at Pre-Season Physicals

*Important Addendum*

10. If you take medication for ADHD: You must download the ADHD Physician Form located in the eFILEStab and have your doctor fill out the required information.  Bring this information with you to your physical.


11.  If you use Albuterol to control asthma:  You must download the Asthma Physician Form located in the eFILEStab and have your doctor fill out the required information.  Bring this form with you to your physical.


12.  All Student-Athletes must complete the Mental Health Questionnaire.  This is a confidential form that will be turned into Student Health at Pre-Season Physicals.  You must download the Mental Health Questionnaire located in the eFILEStab.  Bring this form with you to your physical.


Thank you for your kind attention to these documents. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Brian Lewton, Head Athletic Trainer at (513) 244-8588 or

 We look forward to seeing you this fall.  Go Lions! 


MSJU Healthcare Team