Harrington Center Usage Policy

All persons as described in the following sections may use the Harrington Student Center facility for personal recreational purposes. This includes the walking track, racquetball courts, weight room, and main activity floor. Faculty, staff, students, Mount alumni (graduates) as well as Mount Affiliates are required to enter through the main entrance, show a Mount ID All Card, and sign in at the information desk prior to using the facility during all hours of operation on weekdays and weekends.

You may be asked to leave if you DO NOT present an ID and sign in at the Harrington Information Desk upon entering the facility.

Mount St. Joseph is a tobacco free campus. Use of tobacco is not permitted anywhere including the grounds and parking lots.

Use is subject to hours posted. Hours may change based on athletic and special events, holidays, etc.

Harrington Center Hours
Monday-Thursday 7am-11pm
Friday 7am-9pm
Saturday 10am-9pm
Sunday 12pm-9pm

Weight Room Hours
Monday-Thursday                      8am-10pm
Friday                                       8am-5pm
Saturday                                   10am-5pm
Sunday                                     12pm-8pm

University Closed Due to Weather:
In the event that the University closes for weather or other emergency reasons, every effort will be made to open the Harrington Center facilities for resident student use between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. This schedule will be based on the availability of staff to open and supervise the building. Commuters should not come to campus unless there is an authorized event that will be supervised by University staff.

Students registered at Mount St. Joseph University may use the Harrington Student Center. Any recreational equipment may be checked out at the information desk with a current ID All Card. Students may check out a lock and locker at no charge, through the Department of Athletics and Recreation. Student locker rooms are located on the ground floor of the Harrington Student Center. Students are encouraged to use the locker facilities as a designated space for personal belongings.

Faculty and Staff
Faculty and Staff may use the facility. A Mount ID All Card is required to check out any recreational equipment. Faculty and Staff may use the Faculty/Staff locker facilities. A lock and locker may be checked out (at no charge) through the Department of Athletics and Recreation. Faculty/Staff locker rooms are located in the Athletic Gym (old gym).

Guest Policy for Faculty, Staff and Students
Three guests are permitted with one Faculty, Staff or Student Mount ID Card holder. The Mount host must be present at all times. Guests must sign in at the Harrington Center information desk.

Alumni and Mount Affiliates
Alumni and Mount Affiliates of the University may utilize the Harrington Student Center but are required to have a current Mount ID All Card, which can be obtained through the Department of Public Safety, on the ground floor of Seton Hall. To contact Public Safety, please call 244-4226 or press “0” from an on-campus telephone. Alumni and Mount Affiliates are only permitted to bring 1 guest with them to use the facility. The guest must be with the Mount ID holder to be able to utilize the facility. The guest is required to sign in at the Harrington Center information desk upon entering facility.

If at anytime you have questions or concerns regarding the facility, please don’t hesitate to call Steve Radcliffe, Director of Athletics at 244-4311 or the Coordinator of Campus Activities and Events at 244-4949.


The Mount is not responsible for items lost, stolen, or damaged while using the Harrington Center. This includes items stored in lockers.