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Strength & Conditioning

Weight Room

Weight Room
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Mount St. Joseph University is one of the few institutions in Division III with a full-time strength and conditioning staff dedicated to athletic development and decreasing the chance of injury. Student athletes train in the Harrington Center’s weight training center, a nearly 3,500 square-foot facility complete with double-sided power racks, free weights, machines, and sport specific tools. Our strength and conditioning program is based upon training the total athlete in a periodized progressive overload system focusing on the principles of specificity and variety, injury reduction, and learning the discipline of training.

It is our goal to provide student athletes with the means to enhance strengths, improve weaknesses, and pursue athletic potential. Because potential is understood as having no limit, we train with the purpose to set and achieve goals, and persistently redefine new and greater potential. The pursuit of these goals develops discipline, accountability, attitude, and dedication. We believe a commitment to comprehensive training allows for student athletes to have longevity and success in their athletic careers as well as imparts the know-how for maintaining a healthy future.

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