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2010-11 Archive
Lee Maurer—March 2011 Athletic Training Student of the Month
Lee, commonly called ‘Maurer’ by the AT staff, is a junior student currently working with Men’s Lacrosse. Lee enjoys getting to work with collegiate athletes and helping them participate in their sport. At this point in the semester, the most important thing to Lee is working on future goals and looking for a graduate school; while adamantly wishing summer was here! Lee is originally from Cincinnati and attended Elder High School. He enjoys grilling out/hanging out with friends and playing Frisbee.
Lee Maurer
Spencer Rickert—February 2011 Athletic Training Student of the Month
Spencer is a junior AT student from Sidney, Ohio, currently working with the Men’s Lacrosse team. Spencer decided to pursue a major in athletic training because of his love of sports and helping athletes and then being able to watch them in competition. Clearly, Spencer has a love of sports, as one of his three wishes would be to have season tickets to Michigan football games. Spencer likes to have a good time, and if he could be anyone for a day he would choose Chris Farley. Spencer also states that the most important things in his life right now are family, friends, and school.
Spencer Rickert
Aaron Willig—January 2011 Athletic Training Student of the Month
This is Aaron’s second ATS of the Month award. As a sophomore, Aaron earned the award in September 2009. He has repeated his success as a junior, winning the monthly award again, as the Men’s Basketball Athletic Training Student. Aaron is originally from Cincinnati and enjoys martial arts and playing sports. The most important things to Aaron right now are family, friends, and working hard to get through school. Aaron enjoys the person-to-person interaction of athletic training and emergency situations. Aaron became interested in athletic training because he wants to help individuals remain healthy and injury-free so they can perform to their potential in sport activities and live life to the best of their ability.
Aaron Willig
Eben De Matteo—November 2010 Athletic Training Student of the Month
Eben is a sophomore in the ATEP program, and a Cincinnati native, who attended LaSalle High School. Eben was asked several questions regarding athletic training; the following are his responses. What peaked your interest in Athletic Training? I love helping others and I also like anatomy. I am extremely interested in how the body works and heals. Athletes tend to be extremely motivated and with all of this in mind athletic training seems perfect for me. What is your favorite thing about Athletic Training? Being able to work with athletes in rehab and, over time, seeing them progress back to the point of returning to play and doing what they love. What is your least favorite thing about athletic training? Cleaning the athletic training room. Eben was also asked a few random questions, including: Who would you like to be for a day? Jesus….Why not?!
Eben De Matteo
Kayla Cornette—October 2010 Athletic Training Student of the Month
Kayla received the ATS of the Month award while working with Football. Kayla is originally from Georgetown, Ohio and loves soccer. Since Kayla has been an athlete at the age of five, she has wanted to have a career involving something that she loved therefore she turned to athletic training to continue her involvement with sports. Kayla’s favorite thing about athletic training is meeting and interacting with athletes and fellow students. When Kayla was asked who she would like to be for a day, she exclaimed “Mia Hamm!!”
Kayla Cornette
Jeff Jansen—September 2010 Athletic Training Student of the Month
Jeff is a sophomore student in the ATEP program, originally from Ft. Thomas, Kentucky. Jeff earned his award while working with the 2010 Lions’ Football team. Jeff became interested in Athletic Training while he was an athlete in high school, wanting to learn more about how the body works and learning about the road to recovery from various injuries. Jeff’s favorite thing about Athletic Training is that “every day something is different.” Some of Jeff’s interests, other than sports, are hunting, fishing and video games.
Jeff Jansen
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