Lions continue their hot streak as they defeat UC Clermont

Lions continue their hot streak as they defeat UC Clermont

Location: Schueler Field (Cincinnati, OH)

The Basics:

The Lions have been playing very well the past couple games, and on Wednesday 9/13 they continued to show their dominance.  The team was able to score in the first half to take the lead and played amazing defense the rest of the game to secure the win.  The Lions came out with the win with a final score of 1-0. 

How it Happened:

The game started off as a defensive stand off, as both teams tried to get near the goal.  The Lions showed their strength on offense after taking 12 shots on the goal in the first half to try and get the ball into the net.  Mount St. Joseph was able to finally connect with the goal after Brenna Lonneman (Windham, NH/ Central Catholic) assisted Alley Schmidt (Aurora, IN/ Lawrenceburg) on a header to give the Lions the lead.  The team would end the half with the lead over UC Clermont 1-0.  In the second half the Lions continued to take shots of the goal.  They had 10 shots on goal in the second half to total 22 shots the whole game.  The Lions defense was able to hold UC Clermont to only 2 shots on goal the entire game and came up with the win, with a final score of 1-0.  This is the Lions third game in a row without allowing their opponent to score.  


Alley Schmidt was able to score the lone goal to put the team head and give the Lions the win.  The defense for the Lions continues to set the tone for the games and ultimately keeps them in control.  

Up Next:

The team will face Heidelberg this Sunday on Schueler Field at 3:30 as they look to continue their stellar performances.