Lions travel to Transylvania for ORLC matchup

Lions travel to Transylvania for ORLC matchup

Location: Lexington, Ky. (Pat Deacon Stadium) 

The Basics:

Mount St. Joseph had a tough time controlling the Pioneers early in the game.  Transylvania jumped to a demanding lead after the first and second quarter while the lions remained scoreless in the first half.  The Lions were able to get to the net 3 times in the second half, but it wasn't enough as the Pioneers beat the Lions 24-3.

How it Happened:

The game was controlled by Transylvania from the beginning.  They were able to jump to an 8-0 lead after the first quarter.  In the second quarter it was more of the same as the Lions continued to struggle to contain the Pioneer offense.  The halftime score was 13-0.  Coming out into the second half the Lions looked to put some points up on the board.  Kevin McClanahan (Madeira, OH) was able to connect with the net twice in the second half.  Seth Poirier (Somerville, OH) was also able to score a goal in the final quarter.  The Lions weren't able to get back in the game and lost to Transylvania with a final score of 24-3.

Up Next:

The Lions will face Thiel at home this coming Saturday 4/15 at 1:00 pm.